Building a Perfect Fire for Cooking

Check out our tips for building a well-burning wood fire that generates lots of heat for cooking.
  1. Tightly twist a few sheets of newspaper and add them in a tepee shape to the center of your Fire Box. Twisting the paper tightly will make it burn longer.
  2. Add 4-5 sticks of fat lighter, following the tepee shape of your newspaper. Fat lighter comes from pine tree stumps and is full of resin that makes a great fire starter.
  3. Layer on small pieces of fire wood, slightly larger than the fat lighter, continuing to follow the tepee shape. We recommend well-seasoned hardwoods, like Oak, Hickory or Pecan.
  4. Gradually work your way up to the largest pieces of wood, which should be split to fit the diameter of a coffee cup. Building up your fire this way will create space between the logs and allow air to circulate and fuel the flames.
  5. Light your pieces of twisted newspaper. As they catch fire, the fat lighter will begin to burn and the rest of the logs should catch as well.
  6. After approximately 30 minutes, you should have a nice bed of coals. You can control the intensity of your fire by stoking the coals and adding more wood as needed.

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